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    Helm [Course] <course> [Warp] <warp>

The helm command controls the direction and velocity of your ship. The course is a heading between -360 degrees and +360 degrees. All vessels will take time to come to the new heading although it may sometimes seem immediate. The amount of time will depend on the turning ability of your ship and the ship's current speed.

When turning, the ship will always turn in the direction that is the smallest distance to the new heading. The warp is the velocity you wish to maintain. The ship's velocity, like its heading, may require a certain amount of time to achieve.

    helm course 60 warp 6
    helm 225 3


    Pursue <ship> [Warp] <warp>

This command instructs the helm to follow a specific ship. The ship may be an enemy or an ally ship. pursue the other ship until a helm or elude command is issued.

    pursue the banshee warp 4
    pursue proxima 2


    Elude <ship> [Warp] <warp>

The Elude command will instruct the helm to point the ship away from a specific enemy or ally ship. Your ship will continue to run from the other ship until a helm or pursue command is issued.

    elude dragon warp 8
    elude ganther 7