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Fire Phasers

    [Fire] Phasers [spread] <spread>
    Fire [all] Phasers [spread] <spread>
    [Fire] Phasers <list> [spread] <spread>

This command is used to fire one or more of your ship's phasers. Phasers will hit the target instantaneously but weaken with distance. The spread is the width of the phaser shot. The wider the area, the weaker the hit but you may damage more objects. The spread may be from 10 to 45 degrees and the list is which banks are to fire.

    fire phasers 1 2 3 spread 10
    fire all phasers 45
    phaser all 45

Lock Banks

    Lock Banks [ON] <ship>
    Lock All Banks [ON] <ship>
    Lock Banks <list> [ON] <ship>

When you fire your ship's phasers, they must be pointing at the target if you expect to hit anything. The "lock banks" command allows you to keep one or all of the phaser banks pointed at a specified target at all times. Each phaser bank may be locked on a different target. If the target is completely destroyed, the phaser bank will revert to manual control.

    lock banks on zantha
    lock all banks on agena
    lock banks 1 2 and 3 on bismark

Turn Banks

    Turn Banks [TO] <mark>
    Turn [ALL] Banks [TO] <mark>
    Turn Banks <list> [TO] <mark>

In some circumstances you do not want the phaser banks to point at a specific target, but in a certain direction. The "turn banks" command will allow you to point one or all banks to a relative angle to your ship. This is referred to as the "mark". A mark of 0 indicates that the phasers will point forward, 180 indicates that the phasers will point straight backwards.

    turn banks to 180
    turn all banks to 0
    turn banks 1 2 to 90

Status Banks

    [Status] Banks

This command will display the current state of the phaser banks. Since the phasers automatically recharge after firing, you may wish to know how long until they are fully charged.

Bank Level  Control  Mark    Status   Target
  1   100%   locked    57   charged   Bluefin
  2    33%   locked    57   drained   Bluefin
  3    67%   manual   180   drained
  4    ..    damaged  ...     .....   ..
  5    ..    damaged  ...     .....   ..

The above bank status display is from a Klingon Frigate which has five phaser banks. The first two banks are locked on the Orion ship Bluefin that is currently at mark 57 degrees. The first bank is fully charged and ready for firing once the Bluefin is in phaser range. Bank two is currently drained and will no be ready for a number of cycles as indicated by the charge level The third bank is set to a fixed mark of 180 degrees which means it is always turned toward the rear of the ship. The last two tubes have both been damaged and will not be of any further use.

    status banks

Disable Banks

    Disable All Banks
    Disable Banks <list>

Once a bank is fired it will immediately begin its charge cycle. This may not be desirable if the ship has been heavily damaged and you need to conserve power. This order will disable bank charging but will not affect the current charge of the bank.

    disable banks 6 7 8

Enable Banks

    Enable All Banks
    Enable Banks <list>

This command will allow the tube charging to continue if it had been disabled.

    enable all banks