Probe Commands

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Fire Probes

    [Fire] Probes <list> [AT] <ship>
    [Fire] Probes <list> [Course] <course>
    Fire [All] Probes [AT] <ship>
    Fire [All] Probes [Course] <course>

Once the probe launchers have been loaded, this command will launch the probes. Unlike torpedoes, the probes target or course is set when launched. Probes may also be controlled after they have been launched using the "lock" and "turn" commands, or prematurely exploded using the "destruct" command.

    fire probes 1 2 course 180
    probe all at agena
    probe all course 180

Turn Probes

    Turn Probe  [Course] <course>
    Turn All Probes [Course] <course>

This command allows you to reset a specified probe or all probes to a new heading after launch. The "status probes" command will show the control codes of all your active probes.

    Turn probe af101 course 90
    Turn all probes to course 270

Lock Probes

    Lock Probe <code> [On] <ship>
    Lock All Probes [On] <ship>

This command allows you to relock a specific probe or all probes on a new target after launch. The "status probes" command will show the control codes of all your active probes.

    Lock probe bg505 on rattler
    Lock all probes on the mamba

Load Probes

Load Launchers

    Load Launchers <list> [Proximity] <prox> [Time] 

Unlike the torpedo tubes, the probe launchers will not load automatically, they must be loaded manually with this command. Probes do not require any energy to load or launch, the only requirement is that the launcher must not be damaged. At load time, all probes are assigned a control code which must be used to control a probe after it is launched.

    load launchers 4 5 6 prox 500 time 20
    load all launchers 450 15
    load probes 200 10

Unload Probes

Unload Launchers

    Unload Launchers <list>
    Unload All Launchers

This command will unload the probes from all of the specified launchers.

    unload all launchers
    unload launchers 2 4

Detonate Probes

    Detonate [Probe] <code>
    Detonate All [Probes]

This command will allow you to prematurely destruct any one of, or all of your active probes. The "status probes" command will show the control codes of all your active probes. You may also control any enemy or ally probe if the control code is known.

    Detonate all
    Detonate vq637

Status Probes

    Status Probes

This command will display the status of all probes launched by your ship. The display will look like the following:

Code	Course	Bearing	Range	Time	Range/Target
ya101	345	165	1200	12	853	Zantha
zi102	120	300	2525	17	...

In the above display, the probe "ya101" is currently following course 345 degrees with a bearing from our ship of 165 degrees. Its current range from us is 1200 and has 12 cycles until destruct. It is locked on the Zantha and has a distance of 853 from the Zantha. Probe "zi102" is not locked on any target, but is following a manual course of 120 degrees.

    status probes

Status Launchers

    [Status] Launchers

This status command will display the current state of all probe launchers. The following is a sample status display:

Launcher   Status  Contents  Prox  Time  Code
    1       Ready     Pxii    500    20  dg350
    2     Damaged     ....    ...    ..   ....
    3       Ready    empty    ...    ..   ....

This display shows that launcher one contains a "Pxii" class probe with a proximity fuse set a range of 500, and a time fuse set to 20 cycles. The control code for this probe will be "dg350". Launcher two is damaged and is not functional but launcher three is ready to be loaded.

    status launchers