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This section describes some strategies that various people have used to play Begin. Note that these are not necessarily successful strategies, nor are they guaranteed to work for you. In some cases the strategies are more tactical in nature, in other cases they are battle plans to control the entire engagement.

Strategy 1: Divided They Fall

Send ALL ally ships against a single enemy ship. Once that ship is completely destroyed, send all the ally ships against a new target. The other enemy ships will not shoot at your allies because they are afraid of hitting their own ship. This strategy works well when fighting large ships with a greater number of smaller ships.

Strategy 2: Across the Universe

At the beginning of the game, turn and run from the enemy. They will usually chase you for a long time before giving up. As you run, drop probes and shoot torpedoes into their center. You are bound to hit something. By running, you effectively slow down their torpedoes and speed yours up due to the relative motion of the ships. This is an added advantage that makes it easier for you to phaser their torps. If there is a large group of enemy ships behind you, turn your tubes to 180 degrees instead of locking on a specific enemy. This increases your chance of a hit on an enemy vessel. This strategy works best without allies to get in the way.

Strategy 3: Birthday Present

Pursue an enemy ship at high speed. As you approach him, change from pursue to a course that will take you past him as close as possible. As you pass him at close range, exchange phaser blasts. After the enemy has fired and you are on your way past him, drop a probe in his face. Detonate the probe on the next cycle. You should be safely away by then.

Strategy 4: Death of a Salesman

Send ONE of your allies into the enemy camp. He is the bait. As he is torn to pieces, you and your remaining allies can fire at the ships that are attacking him. They will be busy crushing your first ally and can be crossfired at will. This works best when the ally you send is fast enough cut through the enemy fleet and make them chase him.

Strategy 5: Between the Hammer and the Anvill

Send half your allies through the enemy fleet to attack it from the other side. Once they are past the enemy, release them from their "hold course" so that they will turn to attack the enemy. You and your remaining friends attack from your side. There will be many of your torpedoes criss-crossing among the enemy ships.

Strategy 6: Starburst

Send each of your ally ships in a different compass direction. The enemy fleet will split up to follow them. You attack the small forces that split up one at a time. They will probably ignore you and concentrate on your ally.

Strategy 7: Second Team

Hold half your allies in reserve. Use the first` half to attack a single enemy ship. Once the enemy ship is hulled, move the first group to a new ship and send the reserves in to finish the first enemy. Repeat as necessary.

Strategy 8: Watch the Show

Simply send your ships against the enemy without any specific orders. You, meanwhile, withdraw to a safe spot to watch the show!

Strategy 9: Mega-ship

Gather 2 or 3 allies around you with the "escort" command. Select a target and tell your allies to attack the same ship. Your combined force should soon overwhelm the enemy ship. As an added bonus, your allies will phaser incoming torps for you. This strategy only works if your allies have a ship that is as least as powerful as yours.