Self Destruct Commands

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Self Destruct

    Self [Destruct] 

This command will set the self destruct timer to the number of cycles specified. Once started, the time will count down by one each cycle. Self destruct may be aborted if the time is greater than five cycles.

The size of the blast created when your ship explodes depends on the size and condition of your warp drives. If all of your warp drives have been destroyed, no blast will occur unless your ship is carrying a suicide bomb.

The ships of certain nations always carry a suicide bomb which will add to the size of the explosion if you self destruct. The bomb will not explode if you are destroyed by a probe or torpedo hit.

    self destruct 10
    destruct 5

Abort Destruct

    Destruct Abort

This command will abort a self destruct sequence if the destruct time is still greater than five cycles.

    destruct abort