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Configure { Setup only }

    [Configure] Ally <number> <ship class> [Flagship]... [<more ships>]
    [Configure] Enemy <number> <ship class> [<more ships>]

The configure command is used during setup to select the enemy and ally fleets. You may configure up to the total number of allowed ships minus one in a single fleet. You may only have up to nine of any one ship class however. You must specify an ally flagship if the ally fleet is made up of more than one ship class. This may be done with this command or by using the Flagship command.

    Config Ally 3 Frigates Flagship
    Ally 5 Destroyers 3 Interceptors
    Enemy 6 Dreadnoughts

Flagship { Setup only }

    Flagship <ship class>

The flagship command allows you to specify a flagship class after you have finished configuring the fleets. You must specify a flagship if there is more than one ship class in the ally fleet. The flagship is the ship that you will be aboard when the game begins.

    Flagship Destroyer

Begin { Setup only }


This command informs the program that you are finished configuring the enemy and ally fleets and are ready to start the simulation.