Shield Commands

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Raise Shields

    Raise [Shields] <list>
    Raise All [Shields]

This command allows you to raise all or specific shields if you lower them with the "lower" command. Initially all shields are "up".

    raise shields 1 2 3 4
    raise all

Lower Shields

    Lower [Shields] <list>
    Lower All [Shields]
    Drop [Shields] <list>
    Drop All [Shields]

This command allows you to lower all or specific shields. Normally you will want to keep all shields up, as they are initially. This may not be the case if your ship has been damaged and you are short on power. Shields have the highest priority for power utilization from the reactors and batteries.

If you are using battery power, you may need to drop a number of shields to maintain the weapon systems. All shields require the same amount of power unless they are down or destroyed. Shields will not regenerate if they are down.

    lower all shields
    drop shields 1 2 3
    lower 1 2 3


    Reinforce <shield#>
    Reinforce none

This commands allows you to reinforce a specific shield, however it will use a great amount of power.

    rein 1

Status Shields

    [Status] Shields

The shields status command will show you the current state of all the ship's shields.

Shield  Field  Status   Functional  Effective   Regen.
  1        0°    UP     225eu 100%  225eu 100%   0.90%
  2       60°   DOWN    225eu 100%    0eu   0%   0.00%
  3      300°   DOWN    225eu 100%    0eu   0%   0.00%
  4      120°    UP     225eu 100%  175eu  71%   0.64%
  5      240°    UP     112eu  50%   56eu  25%   0.23%
  6      180°  damaged   ...  ...    ...    ... 

The above shield status display is from a Federation Heavy Cruiser. All ships have six shields, each shield protecting a specific portion of the ship called the shield's "field". Each field covers an area 60 degrees wide or 30 degrees to each side of the field values in the display. The status column of the display shows if the shield is UP, DOWN or 100 percent damaged. The column labeled "Functional" shows the maximum possible strength the shield may reach and the "Effective" column shows the current strength of each shield. The "Regen" column shows the rate at which the effective strength of each shield will regenerate or "grow" every cycle. Both the functional and effective columns contain two values. The first is the hit that the shield will protect the ship from. The second number is the percent of maximum strength for that shield.

In the shield status display, shield one is up and is 100 percent functional and 100 percent effective. Once a shield's effective strength reaches the functional strength, it will stop regenerating. Shields two and three are 100 percent function but have been lowered to conserve power making the effective strength zero. Shield four is 100 percent functional but only 71 percent effective due to hits on that shield. The fifth shield is only 50 percent effective due to damage inflicted when hits reached the ship's hull through shield six. Shield number six is no longer functional and will no longer regenerate or consume power.

    status shields