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Would it be reasonable at this point to rewrite the introduction for modern-day audiences? For instance, it's no longer (quite) true that "almost all other space games of this type ... employ the unrealistic "quadrant-sectors" or the "Mass Hoard of aliens" approach.

I like reading that and pretending I'm 14 years old again, back when it was true, but there's one really peculiar thing about Begin, a 35-year-old game: It is STILL the best version of what it is that there is. Since that's the case, I feel like there's an audience out there who would look upon it as just that, rather than a "cute reminder of the olden days."

If there were a better tactical starship simulator out there, I wouldn't even bother making the suggestion, but seriously, is there anything out there that out-Begins Begin at this point? (If there IS an answer, let me know, I'm all over it.)