Torpedo Commands

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Fire Torpedoes

    [Fire] Torpedoes <list>
    Fire [ALL] Torpedoes

This is the command to use to fire the torpedoes. Torpedoes travel at a specific velocity and will not hit a target unless the torpedo comes within its proximity of a ship. Locking the torpedo tubes on a ship does not guarantee hitting it. Also refer to the "load tubes" command.

    fire torpedo 1 2 3
    fire all torpedoes
    torp all

Lock Tubes

    Lock [All] Tubes [ON] <ship> [dispersion] <dispersion>
    Lock Tubes <list> [ON] <ship>

Like the phaser banks, the torpedo tubes must point at the target you are trying to hit. The "lock tubes" command allows you to "lock" one or all tubes on a specified target. Once a tube is locked, it will "lead" the target that it is locked on. The amount of lead is automatically determined by the speed, course, and distance of the target. The dispersion can be used to spread a pattern of torpedoes around the lead angle. A large dispersion angle increases your chance of hitting a violently maneuvering target, but probably only one or two of the torpedoes will hit.

    lock tubes on eagle 0
    lock tubes 4 5 6 7 on talon 24
    lock all tubes on bluefin with a dispersion of 45

Turn Tubes

    Turn Tubes [TO] <mark>
    Turn [ALL] Tubes [TO] <mark>
    Turn Tubes <list> [TO] <mark>

This command controls the torpedo tubes in the same way the "turn banks" command controls the phaser banks. The "turn tubes" command will allow you to point one or all tubes to a relative angle from the ship. This is referred to as the "mark".

    turn banks to 180
    turn all banks to 0
    turn banks 1 2 to 90

Status Tubes

    [Status] Tubes

This command will display the current state of the torpedo tubes. The torpedo tubes, like the phasers, will be automatically reloaded after firing, although they must be charged before the torpedo may be loaded.

Tube  Level  Control  Mark  Content  Prox  Target
  1      0%   locked    95   mkvii    500   Eagle
  2    100%   locked    95   empty    ...   Eagle
  3     33%   manual   135   empty    ...    ...
  4    ...   damaged   ...   .....    ...    ...

The above tube status display is from a Federation Destroyer which has four torpedo tubes. The first two tubes are locked on the Romulan ship Eagle that is currently at mark 95 degrees. Since both tubes are pointing at the same angle, a dispersion of 0 must have been used when they were locked. The first tube contains a "mkvii" class torpedo with its proximity fuse set to 500. Tube two is currently empty but the level indicates it will be loaded during the next cycle. The third tube is set to a fixed mark of 135 degrees and will not be ready to fire for a number of cycles since the charge level is now only 33 percent. Tube number four has been damaged and is of no further use. Unlike the phaser banks which are ready once they reach a level of 100 percent, the torpedo tubes are not ready until the following cycle.

    status tubes 

Load Tubes

    Load [All] Tubes [Proximity] <prox>
    Load Tubes <list> [Proximity] <prox>

Initially the torpedo tubes are not enabled for loading. This command starts the loading process or allows you to change the proximity of the torpedoes loaded after issuing this order.

The proximity is the distance the torpedo must be from a ship before it will detonate. The minimum and maximum proximity depends on the class of torpedo.

    load tubes prox 500
    load tubes 1 2 3 350
    load all tubes prox 425

Unload Tubes

    Unload All Tubes 
    Unload Tubes <list>

This order will remove the current torpedoes, if any, from the tubes and allow new torpedoes to be loaded. This would allow a new proximity torpedo to be loaded without firing the current torpedoes although you would still have to wait for the tubes to be charged.

    unload tubes 1 2 3
    unload all tubes 

Disable Tubes

    Disable All Tubes
    Disable Tubes <list>

Once a tube is fired it will immediately begin its charge cycle. This may not be desirable if the ship has been heavily damages and you need to conserve power. This order will disable tube charging but will not effect any torpedoes that may already be loaded.

    disable tubes 6 7 8

Enable Tubes

    Enable All Tubes
    Enable Tubes <list>

This command will allow the tube charging to continue if it had been disabled.

    enable all tubes